Home automation
Home automation is the application of technological solutions that enable us to increase security and improve comfort in the home, and also in the industrial, trade and services environment.

A set of advantages to make the environment "intelligent ", able to automate and coordinate appliances, technological equipment and systems, in an integrated manner, immediately and fully personalized: you can check in real time if there are lights on, see the temperature of various environments, observe if there are intruders in the building, check that any irrigation is running, the windows closed, etc ... and then adjust and automatically program each function.
The integrated home automation system allows you to improve the quality of life inside the home. It is easy to use and ensures a continuous and reliable service. In addition to the remote control via GSM or INTERNET and with the use of smartphones, you can check that everything is safe and in good condition even when you are not inside the building, monitoring the individual elements of the system or making adjustments at a distance.
With the use of appropriate communication interfaces with the electrical system, it is possible to have two way communication between the following systems:
• heating / ventilation systems
• Theft alarm
• Energy management system for and electricity / gas
• Audio and video systems
The total integration of these different functions allows the creation of scenarios, ie a set of actions you can perform simultaneously, with a single command from a wall button or remote control.
For example, you can automatically adjust the lighting depending on real needs, automatically turning off light in environments where there are no people; the heating and cooling can be optimized based on specific time slots; or you can manage the opening and closing of doors and windows when you leave the building, by activating the anti-theft system.